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All content on this Web site, including photographs, text, illustrations, and maps, is the property of LEO and the SERVIT Group at Lehigh University, or our contributors. No portion of the material on this Web site (including text, photographs, and artwork) may be copied, reproduced, or reused without the express written permission of LEO or the SERVIT Group at Lehigh University. If you are interested in obtaining permission to use a photograph or any text or other material that appears on this Web site, please contact amb4@lehigh.edu

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LEO EnviroSci Inquiry is produced by Dr. Alec M. Bodzin.

Web site development:
Dr. Alec M. Bodzin, Min-Soo Lee, Arthur J. Loder, Il-Bong Kang, and Eric Heydenberk.

PHP data retrieval
Arthur J. Loder

Text editing assistance:
Sheryl Bodzin

Science education content:
Dr. Alec M. Bodzin, Louise Shive, Karen Brown, Joanne Lee, Veronica Vollmer, Jennifer Pratt, Cheryl Lemon, and Linda Wu.

Below are links to specific credit information for individual sections of EnviroSci Inquiry:

Lehigh River Watershed Explorations

Abandoned Mine Drainage in Pennsylvania

Geologic Explorations

Coastal Explorations

Sprawl in the Lehigh River Watershed

Environmental Laws and Regulations in Pennsylvania

Bits of Biomes

Phenomenal Weather

Which Way is North?

Dino Inquiry

The Magic of Hydrangeas

Wonderful World of Rocks and Minerals


Lehigh River Watershed 3D Map and Flythrough:
James Cascione, Rebecca Gross, and Edwin Zacharias

Special thanks to:

Chris Kocher and Tom Gettings of the Wildlands Conservancy for content review, support, and assistance during all phases of development.

Margie Barry and George Yasko for technical and equipment support.

Ben Waltenberger, Spatial Data Analyst at NOAA's Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, for his assistance and permission to incorporate GIS materials into EnviroSci Inquiry.

Sue Pridemore for pointing us in many right directions.

Dan Kunkle, Steve Baier, and Mike Gehringer for providing feedback on classroom implementation issues.

The teachers, scientists and science educators of the Wildlands Conservancy Rivers Group for helping us grapple with quality control isues for student data collection.

All of our organizational partners: Wildlands Conservancy, the National Park Service Historical Corridor, Bethlehem Works, Walnutport Lockkeepers Association, The Historic Bethlehem Partnership, PA Game Commission, Easton Historical Society, Historic Catasauqua Preservation Association, DCNR - The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, The SERVIT Group (NC State), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


Photo Credits

All photographs used in the EnviroSci Inquiry Web site are credited in each individual section where they appear.
The following are credits for photographs used elsewhere on the Web site:

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