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Educator's Guide

Primary School Suggestions (K-5)

Middle School Suggestions (6-8)

Upper Secondary School Suggestions (9-12)




Geologic Explorations

Geologic Explorations

Northern Utah
Southwest Utah
Southeast Utah

Coastal Explorations

California Coasts
New Jersey Coasts

Pennsylvania Geology

What is Geology
Geologic Time Scale
Exploring the Lehigh Valley
Educational Material

Geology of the Lehigh Gorge

Lehigh Gorge Maps
Lehigh Gorge Pictures
Lehigh Gorge Stratigraphy
Lehigh Gorge Labs
Lehigh GorgeTrail Guide


Geology Activities

Which Way is North?

Dino Inquiry


Geology Lesson Plans

The Magic of Hydrangeas

Wonderful World of Rocks and Minerals

What are minerals
Minerals: What are they made of
Minerals: How do we classify them
Common Minerals
Minerals Activity 1
Minerals Activity 2
What are rocks
Rocks: Major Categories
Rocks: Descriptions Activity
Rocks: Classifying Activity 2
Rocks: Are they all related?
Rock Cycle
Fun Activities


Lehigh River Watershed Explorations

Curricular Activities

Dissolved Oxygen

Lehigh River Photojournal
Lehigh River Watershed Flybys
Headwaters to Lehigh Gorge
Jim Thorpe to Walnutport
Treichler's to Allentown
Bethlehem to Easton

Water Quality

Water Quality Background

Ammonium Nitrogen
Dissolved Oxygen
Stream flow
Total dissolved solids

Water Quality Data Collection Procedures

Ammonium Nitrogen
Dissolved Oxygen
Stream flow
Total dissolved solids
Hydrolab hydroprobe

Water Quality Data Links

Lehigh River Watershed USGS data
Lehigh River K-12 Data Report Long Form
Lehigh River K-12 Data Report Short Form
Water Quality Data Links


What is GIS
GIS for Lehigh Watershed Investigations
GIS and Interactive Mapping Web Links


The Basics of the Lehigh River
Early Life along the Lehigh River
The Canal
Cities on the Lehigh River
Industry - Developed and Impact on Environment

River Explorations

Fish Kills
Exploring the Neuse River Basin
Abandoned Mine Drainage: Pennsylvania's Largest Water Quality Problem

Fast Facts



Bits of Biomes

Introduction and Purpose
Middle School Student Web Activity
Whole Group Decision Making Activities
Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Phenomenal Weather Explorations

Hurricanes Exploration
Tornadoes Exploration
Lightning Exploration
Greenhouse Effect Exploration
Weather Factoids


Environmental Issues

Stockertown Sinkhole Dilemma

Abandoned Mine Drainage in Pennsylvania

Sprawl in the Lehigh River Watershed

Environmental Laws and Regulations in Pennsylvania


Data Collection Activities

LEO WeatherNet

LEO Hydroprobe Data

LEO Seismic Station

Salamander Response to Climate Change


Outreach Initiatives

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