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References and Resources


The following organizations have provided the EnviroSci Inquiry development team with literature, photographs and oral histories to be used in the development of this
Web site:

Wildlands Conservancy
Bethlehem Works
National Park Service Historical Corridor
Historic Catasaqua Preservation Society
Walnutport Lockkeepers Association
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Easton Historical Society
United States Geologgical Survey (USGS)

The SERVIT group at Lehigh University gratefully acknowledges the following groups for permission to included annotated links to instructional resources they have developed and for permission to modify previously developed instructional resources for EnviroSci Inquiry:

The SERVIT Group (NC State)
HI-CE at the University of Michigam
CILT at the University of California - Berkeley
Vernier Software & Technology
Mark Mine, Too Cool for Grown Ups


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Moore Historical Park and Museums.

Historical Resources Study.

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