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Glossary of terms
  • Abatement - to make or become less strong; to lessen the effect of something
  • Absorbents - Materials that pick up or adhere to chemicals
  • Alkaline - A substance that neutralizes acids; OH+ ions
  • Aerobic - an environment that has free molecular oxygen either as a gas in the atmosphere or dissolved in water; aerobic organisms require oxygen for survival.
  • Anoxic - without oxygen
  • Biomass - weight of living material
  • CaCO3 - Calcium carbonate; limestone
  • Caustic - corrosive
  • Daylighting - surface mining of underground mines
  • Eutrophication - A body of water that is nutrient rich; abundance of surface plants and algae; little or no dissolved oxygen
  • Effluent - water discharged from a system
  • Fauna - animal life; as opposed to plant life or flora
  • Ferrous - containing iron
  • GPM - gallons per minute
  • Hydrophobic - literally water hating; rejects water
  • Influent - water entering a system
  • Macroinvertebrate - Invertebrates that are large enough to be seen with the unaided eye; good indicators of water quality
  • MgO - Magnesium Oxide
  • Mole - SI unit for measuring a substance; equal to 0.012 kg of carbon 12.
  • Nitrification - breakdown of nitrogen containing organic compounds into nitrites and nitrates
  • Oxic - with oxygen
  • Oxidation - to combine or cause something to combine with oxygen
  • pH - the amount of acidity or alkalinity of a substance; the amount of OH+ ions
  • Pyrite - yellow and lustrous form of iron disulfide
  • Tolerance - the ability to live with; capacity to withstand
  • Toxicity - poisonous
  • Tributary - a river or stream that is a branch or offshoot to a larger downstream river
  • Turbidity - referring to water clarity; waters with high suspended sediment loads are highly turbid

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