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Stakeholders' Resources

The stakeholders included in the abandoned mine drainage investigation and debate include:

Click on a stakeholder name above to read the description of your stakeholders' role and access the resources that you will use to develop a position statement.

As you read through the material to create your position statement, keep in mind that you are in the role of the stakeholder that you have been assigned. Think about the issue as the stakeholder would. Develop a statement about the most efficient and effective way to treat and clean up abandoned mine drainage in Pennsylvania.

You will be responsible for presenting your ideas to your class in a debate. Make sure you are prepared to support your claims with evidence from your research. Complete the Position Statement Handout after you have developed your position.

You will see AMD written as acid mine drainage in some of the resources. In this investigation acid mine draiange is referred to as abandoned mine drainage. The term abandoned mine drainage encompasses all types of mine drainage, including acidic and basic chemical changes caused by water leaching from old abandoned mines. Acid mine drainage refers specifically to acidic water and is the most common mine drainage problem in Pennsylvania. In this investigation, you will consider all types of mine drainage impairment. After you have had enough time to review your resources and prepare your position statement, your class will hold a debate to decide the most effective and efficient way to treat and clean up AMD in Pennsylvania.

After the debate, complete the AMD Assessment Sheet.

The following is a list of all resources available throughout the site. Click on your stakeholder above to access the information specific to your part of the investigation.



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