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Bone Key - East Section of Cliff Face

Look at the Panorama Movie (below left). This panorama shows the fossils located on the east wall on the Dinosaur National Monument Quarry. Once the movie appears, you can interactively pan left, right, up, or down simply by clicking and dragging your mouse over the image. To zoom in on the image, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. To zoom out, hold down the Control key on your keyboard.

Place your cursor over the Quarry Map Key (below right) and a more comprehensive image will appear in a new browser window.

Panorama Movie
Quarry Map Key

Click on this image to display the map key. A new window will open.

quarry map map

Key to Bones Found in East Section of Cliff Face

3524 Camarasaurus L. scapula 4809 Diplodocus distal chevron
3525 Diplodocus L. coracoid 4818 Allosaurus R. humerus
3526 Diplodocus L. scapula 4822 (J) Allosaurus R. ulna
3528 (J) Diplodocus L. humerus 4893 Camptosaurus lower jaw
3530 Diplodocus caudal vertebra 4925 sauropod L. dorsal rib
3682 (J) Diplodocus L. & R. articulated pubes 4926 Diplodocus cervical vertebra
3688 (J) Apatosaurus R. humerus 4927-4930 Diplodocus L. metatarsals
3694 (J) Diplodocus L. scapula 4931 Diplodocus astragalus (ankle)
4209 (J) Camarasaurus L. tibia 4939 sauropod dorsal rib
4257 Camarasaurus R. maxillary 4948 Barosaurus cervical vertebra
4269 Camarasaurus cervical vertebra 4988 sauropod R. ulna
4282 Diplodocus L. coracoid 4992 (J) sauropod L. scapula
4684 Diplodocus L. fibia 4995 sauropod femur
4712 Stegosaurus axis 4999 Diplodocus L. tibia
4713-4720 Stegosaurus cervical vertebrae 5088 (J) Diplodocus L. femur
4721-4724 Stegosaurus dorsal vertebrae 5090-5093 Camptosaurus caudal vertebrae
4734 Diplodocus caudal vertebra 5101 sauropod vertebra
4741 Allosaurus R. illium 5110 sauropod R. humerus
4801-4806 Camarasaurus caudal vertebrae 5119 (J) sauropod R. femur

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