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Geology of the Lehigh Gorge

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Welcome to the Geology of the Lehigh Gorge

The Lehigh Gorge State Park in eastern Pennsylvania provides a wonderful setting in which to examine folded and faulted sedimentary rocks and explore the connections between the Lehigh River and the bedrock structures present. Included in this site are several informational and educational links to facilitate understanding of the interactions above.

This Web site includes interactive maps with picture links, surface and aerial pictures of the Lehigh River and its tributaries, a stratagraphic column, geologic map, digital shaded relief map and a 3D flyby through the Lehigh Gorge (above). The laboratory section contains several activities designed for secondary school learners to investigate the geologic formations of the Lehigh Gorge. The site also includes a printable trail guide that contains areas of geologic interest, that can be used by teachers and visitors to the park.

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