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The Magic of Hydrangeas



About Hydrangeas

Background Chemistry

About Soil Conditioning

Experimental Design



This Web-based activity is specifically designed to engage learners in a high school chemistry class (10th to 12th grade) to learn about hydrangeas. This site may also be used as a resource for home gardeners and hydrangea lovers.

As you move through the site, you will develop skills in project management, scientific inquiry and experimental design for growing hydrangea plants a certain color. Hydrangeas are of interest because of their unique characteristic: the color of their flower is dependent on soil condition. In the process of learning how to grow hydrangeas a specific color, you will emerge yourself in learning about acids, bases, pH, soil quality and botany. You will work collaboratively in gathering background information and designing an experiment to investigate a real-world problem.

You may or may not have been introduced to acids and bases and their association with pH. Background chemistry lessons are provided to make sure you are comfortable with important content information.

At the completion of this investigation, you will be able to answer the following question:

How can soil properties change the color of the flowers on a hydrangea plant?

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