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Limestone Valley Rock on! Educational Sources for Students and Teachers

U.S. Geological Survey

This site offers information about everything having to do with geology!

The Learning Web: Highly recommended website catered to teachers, students and those who are just interested in geology. Includes project ideas, homework help, research tools, images, and interactive activities for students, educational materials, activities and lesson plans for teachers, and much more!

Pennsylvania Geologic Survey

The DCNR offers a wide variety of well-written kid-friendly educational materials.
The following are large PDF files, so modems beware!

The Ice Age in Pennsylvania
Sevon, W.D., and Fleeger, G.M., 1999, Pennsylvania and the Ice Age (2nd Ed.): PA Geologic Survey, 4th ser., Educational Series 6

This booklet discusses: Glaciers (in depth), ice erosion, glacial deposition, ice ages, map of glacial deposits in PA, importance of glaciation in PA

Geology of Pennsylvania Groundwater (Huge file: great pictures!)
Fleeger, G.M., 1999, The geology of Pennsylvania's groundwater (3rd Ed.): PA Geologic Survey, 4th ser., Educational Series 3

This booklet discusses: availability of drinking water, water cycle, water table, aquifers, wells and springs

Rocks and Minerals of Pennsylvania
Barnes, J. H., 1991, Rocks and Minerals of Pennsylvania: PA Geologic Survey, 4th ser., Educational Series 1

This booklet discusses: Rock types, history of rocks, rock cycle, characteristics of rocks and minerals, mountain building events, coal, oil and gas, and a guide (with pictures) of common minerals in PA

Sinkholes in Pennsylvania: Highly recommended for students!

This booklet discusses: bedrock, weathering, carbonate bedrock, pH (acidic and basic), carbonic acid, water table, sinkholes, caves, carbonate bedrock distribution map, storm-water drainage, identifying sinkholes, safety precautions, preventing and repairing sinkholes



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