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Water What-ifs



Water What-ifs is a part of Science Junction, a science education Web site that has a goal of creating connections between researchers and faculty at North Carolina State University, teachers, parents, and students. Water What-ifs was created by April J. Cleveland and Lisa L. Grable of the SERVIT Group at N.C. State for the purpose of encouraging inquiry-based investigations of water quality in North Carolina and Delaware. Within this site, teachers and students will monitor water quality, record data, analyze the water quality of their local watershed, and create a database of information to be shared from year to year. An online tutorial is provided on water quality testing using LaMotte test kits and CBL (calculator-Based Laboratories) technology. Students will use critical thinking skills to determine how certain factors, anthropomorphic or natural, can change the quality of an aquatic ecosystem. Water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphates, and macroinvertebrate surveys will also be addressed at this site. Three lessons are provided for each parameter to help teachers create a water quality unit that will be used in conjunction with the water quality testing program.

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