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Francis E. Walter Dam

41 06' 03 N
75 43' 19 W


The Francis E. Walter Dam was dedicated in 1961. It was constructed and is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. It is located in Luzerne County and stands at 1509 feet above sea level.

Prior to construction of the dam, the river level would continually rise each spring as a result of melting snow and spring rain. These freshets, as they are called, would cause severe flood damage. Bridges and dams were destroyed along the river each year. The dam was built to control these devastating floods and prevent seawater from entering the drinking water supplies in the Philadelphia area. The dam provides a water storage location for summer drought as well as recreational opportunities.

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Panorama 1 (Taken at 41 06' 03 N, 75 43' 19 W) (650 K)

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