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40 45' 08 N
75 36' 00 W

Walnutport is an attractive little canal town located 13 miles north of Allentown on Route 145. It was formerly a busy site for the passage of anthracite coal and packet boats traveling to market via the canal. Walnutport served as a repair center for canal boats. It was a place to purchase supplies and dock overnight.

The Walnutport Canal Association maintains the original lock tenders house along the newly restored canal. Although incorporated in 1982, the Canal Association has been in existence since 1953. The lock tenders house is the oldest house in the town. The association purchased it in 1985 and restored it to its original condition. Local residents have donated furniture and other objects from the period when the canal was fully operational. The last lock tender to inhabit the house was Mr. Frank Kelchner. His five children and hired hands all lived in the small house – a challenge by today’s standards. The lock tender received $200 for his work for the season. Schoolboys drove the mules during their summers and received $25 for their summer labor. Until 1843, canal boats ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week from April to December.

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