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Educator's Guide

Phenomenal Weather Explorations is a series of guided Web-based Explorations of unique weather phenomena designed for students in grades 4-8. The development of these activities are been guided by the framework of the National Science Education Standards.

Additional Web resources for teachers and students to explore are provided below.

More Hurricane Sites to Explore:

Handle a Hurricane!
You've just been elected mayor of Pensacola, FL. But there's one problem. A hurricane is approaching and you have to decide whether or not to evacuate the residents. Your emergency crews have prepared a briefing for you. Now it's up to you to decide! This great lesson is produced by KGAN TV in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Hurricane Hunter's Home Page
Fly with the Air Force Reserve right into the eye of Hurricane Opal at http://www.hurricanehunters.com/cyberfly.htm

National Hurricane Center
Comprehensive site by the National Hurricane Center.

CNN Storm Center
Good general purpose information site, including strike probability map.

University of Michigan's Tropical Weather Net
Tracking maps with color map of ocean water temps.

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Tracking
Tracking maps for Atlantic and Pacific Hurricanes and historical data back to 1886 Determine strike probabilities for different locations; Determine Cities/Population/Housing within 200 miles of an active hurricane.

More Lightning Sites to Explore

Lightning and Storms
Incredible photographs of lightning and thunderstorms.

NOAA: Lightning Detection From Space
A comprehensive review of lightning plus great photos from space.

Kid's Lightning Information and Safety
Safety information plus letters from people who have actual been hit by lightning.

More Tornadoes Sites to Explore

Sites for Weather Education by The Weather Channel
A solid list of educational sites with informative summaries.

The Why Files Twisted Quiz
Take the online quiz and test your tornado knowledge.

More Tornadoes Sites to Explore

CNN: The Global Warming Debate

Global Change Master Directory, NASA
A comprehensive directory of information on earth sciences, including global warming.

EPA Global Warming Site
In depth information on the problem, impacts and potential actions.

Global Warming: ABC News Special Report
Especially good description of climate modeling, the Kyoto Pact and the varying view points of different interest groups.

Global Warming: Union of Concerned Scientist
Thorough discussion from scientists who believe global warming is a serious problem.

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