Tidal Energy

A Relative of Tidal Energy: Wave Energy

Wave-driven power is a type of power generation related to tidal power. Rather than relying on the tidal movements in large bodies of water, wave energy is derived from wind-driven waves. It can be used to generate electricity.

Using buoys that float in the waves is one method for capturing wave energy. The buoys are anchored to the ocean floor, and as waves raise and lower the floating device, electricity is generated in an electric coil. The diagram depicts a prototype created by Oregon State University.Using a surface following device is another method for capturing wave energy. An articulated ‘snake' floats on the ocean surface. Its joints are connected to hydraulic rams that move with the wave motion, forcing hydraulic fluid to move small turbines that power generators. This is a picture taken at Portugal's Aguçadoura Wave Park, the world's first commercial wave farm.

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