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Bone Key - Center Section of Cliff Face

Look at the Panorama Movie (below left). This panorama shows the fossils located on the center section of the cliff face of the Dinosaur National Monument Quarry. Once the movie appears, you can interactively pan left, right, up, or down simply by clicking and dragging your mouse over the image. To zoom in on the image, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. To zoom out, hold down the Control key on your keyboard.

Place your cursor over the Quarry Map Key (below right) and a more comprehensive image will appear in a new browser window.

Panorama Movie
Quarry Map Key

Click on this images to display the map key. A new window will open.

Left Area
Right Area
quarry map center section left
quarry map center section right

Key to Bones Found in Center Section of Cliff Face

3815 Apatosaurus fibula 3920 Apatosaurus ulna
3816 Apatosaurus tibia 3921 Apatosaurus radius
3817 Apatosaurus femur 3922 Apatosaurus scapula
3818 Camarasaurus tibia 3923 Apatosaurus humerus
3819 Apatosaurus rib 3924 Apatosaurus ulna
3820 Apatosaurus rib 3925 Apatosaurus radius
3823 (J) Diplodocus scapula 4242 sauropod gastralia
3828 Apatosaurus scapula 4243 sauropod gastralia
3831 (J) Camptosaurus femur 4244 sauropod gastralia
3832 (J) Camptosaurus tibia 4563 Apatosaurus humerus
3834 Apatosaurus phalange (claw) 4567 Apatosaurus metacarpal
3836 Apatosaurus phalange 4620 (J) Apatosaurus caudal vertebra
3919 Diplodocus humerus 4885 (J) Camarasaurus phalange


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