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This Website contains lab tool developed by hi-ce (Highly Interactive Computing in Education) at the University of Michigan, whose goal is to address the difficulties that learners, such as middle and high school students, face while working through complex processes such as science inquiry. Symphony is a SITE (scaffolded integrated tool environment) of planning, collection, and modeling tools that can be used over the web. An online tutorial is provided on the basics of how to use Symphony's tool set and process scaffolding. Symphony's tool set includes research tools (Science Seeker), data collection tools (Datawarehouse), data visualization tools (Viz-It, GIS), and modeling and analysis tools (ModelBuilder, eChem). These tools help students organize, focus, and define the direction of their scientific investigation. Symphony also includes process scaffolding, a support guide that guides learners through a complex work process by helping them "visualize the process." It encourages students to become scientists by going through an authentic scientific process and "learning by doing."


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