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Protocols below are for use with Pasco probes. Click here for protocols to use the Vernier turbidity probe.
Note: It is only necessary to calibrate the turbidity sensor when you are measuring solutions with varying temperatures
(more than 1 C difference between solutions, or when using different cuvettes.


PasPort Xplorer
PasPort turbidimeter
USB cable
DataStudio software
2 cuvettes (provided by Pasco)
Distilled water
Known turbidity standard solution (100 NTU)

Steps for calibrating the turbidimeter:
1. Connect the turbidity sensor to the Pasport Xplorer device.
2. Connect the PasPort Xplorer device to the computer with the USB cable.
3. Fill a cuvette with distilled water. Then fill another cuvette with the known trubidity standard solution (100 NTU). (This cuvette may be provided for you already).
4. Insert this cuvette into the cuvette holder in the turbidimeter and close the lid tightly, so that light cannot enter the casing.
5. Press the green "Calibration" button on the sensor and wait for the light to turn on.
6. When the button light blinks, replace the cuvette with the cuvette filled with the known turbidity standard solution (100 NTU), close the lid, and press the green button again.
7. When the calibration is complete, the button light will turn off.
8. To verify, click the "Start" button in DataStudio. The turbidity reading should approximate 100 NTU (+/-1 NTU).




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